About Me

A passionate and practical product guy

Broad experience

I am a passionate product guy that loves to build things. My core expertise is in strategically bringing creativity and technology together. I love the business challenges and pride myself on being able to solve them in an out of the box and effective way.

My drive to build new things has taken me from building companies from the ground up, to building mobile and web applications. I have been working in advertising, travel, FMCG and technology companies. Having done both corporate and start-up (and a lot of sizes in between) I must say I prefer the startup culture. Lean, quick and launching early and often. All the decisions I make are based on stakeholder involvement and usually translate directly to the end-user.

Excitement comes from doing the perceived impossible. Solving the lingering big problems and pushing a product further. I need to be challenged, to be able to buckle down and get things done.

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Product Owner looking for a new Sprint

I am an experienced Product Owner, believe in shipping early and often and am responsible for projects with budgets ranging from 100K to 5M. My expertise is rooted in the areas where technical knowledge supports innovative thinking. I love to surprise stakeholders with out of the box ideas that compliment their story.

Right now I am looking for the next challenging sprint to bring to life


Personal Ramblings

Over the years I have collected my own ramblings, ideas and vacation journals. Mind you, I am definitely not a writer. But since this is my personal space I just use it as my personal archive.